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Where Tea Traditions meet its modern twist. 2Tang 2Go is a visionary project which modernize Ancient Indonesian Tea Traditions and present them to you! From Innovative brewing methods to avant-garde tea-extraction techniques to breakthroughs on tea-based drinks, for you to enjoy on a daily basis.

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Eat More Enjoyable with 2Tang2Go! Lazy to go out of the house is not a reason to stop drinking and good drinks. Because since there is an online platform, delivery of food and drinks from your favorite restaurant has become easier and more fun. Let's hurry to order! Just check the application and order!

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Hai Tea Lovers ! We Are Open at Resta Pendopo B Unit UG - ISL - B 02 Salatiga. Come and get special offers from us!

                                  2Tang 2Go Cold Brew

Cold brew tea is a process of brewing tea using plain water instead of hot water, and it produces a taste that is no less delicious than the hot brew technique. Usually, tea is identical to hot water to wilt the tea leaves and release their fragrant aroma. However, as the trend develops, many tea connoisseurs are starting to like cold tea. The tea brewing technique uses plain water where the tea is allowed to steep slowly for hours depending on the type of tea used.


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