In 1942, 2Tang tea formulated by Mr. Kwee Pek Hoey, a tea lover from Tegal. Hobbies combine and mix traditional tea recipe is unique, fragrant, and delicious to make Mr. Kwee Pek Hoey a tea expert and expertise is passed down to the next generation so that tea can be enjoyed 2Tang tea from time to time.2Tang Tea present for lovers of bottled tea teabag and tea leaves for those who want the very practical and have less free time in everyday life.



The 2Tang made from tea leaves Truly Natural And passed the Selection Process The Very tight, Starting from picking until the drying process. The salubrious tea infusion with standard and High quality.In addition to already exist domestically, Traditional & Modern Market (Retail), Hotel, Restaurant & Cafe, 2TANG has also been successfully distributed to foreign countries such as Japan, Australia, Middle East, America and Germany.





Silver Needle White Tea is the part of the tea tree bud that is
picked under optimal conditions. Silver Needle White Tea requires precise calculations in order to get the best quality. 2 Pliers have the highest quality Silver Needle. Carefully picked and dried in the hot sun, and processed by the hands of experts, so that the Silver Needle Tea produced by 2 Tang has a very soft, light taste, and a sweet and flowery aroma. Silver Needle 2 Tang has a characteristic 'clean' finish and does not contain the usual bitterness or 'sepet' taste. Silver Needle White Tea can be enjoyed by all ages and drunk for those who have stomach acid. Silver Needle White Tea is the right choice to be enjoyed with the family. Because 2 Tang Tea, really delicious.